How to customize sharepoint list toolbar

Sharepoint support customizing the user interface using Custom action menu. In this article I would like to explain how to customize the Sharepoint list toolbar menu.

List Item Toolbar

Using sharepoint features make it easy to add action menu to Sharepoint UI.  You can use “custom action” element in element.xml file to customize the action menu. In this article I would like to demonstrate how to add custom menu to sharepoint list toobar as as shown above image.  Below element.xml file does the job for you.

<Elements xmlns=””>
<CustomAction Id=”UserInterfaceCustomActions.MyPanel”
Title=”My Toolbar”>
<UrlAction Url=”~site/_layouts/TestApplication/TestMenu.aspx?ListID={ListId}”/>

Above feature will add the custom action menu to document library toolbar,  If you want to active action menu for other library refer this, You can download the solution package source code here. Deploying the solution is simple, Download the source code here, Extract the source code and navigate to the extracted location, open the command prompt and type below command

Deploy  http://yoursiteURL

For undeploying just type as shown below

Undeploy http://yoursiteURL

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sharepoint list toolbar
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  1. Vikram Kumar Reddy says:

    Hi Sandesh….

    Thanks for your article..

    Can we remove existing custom menu items like “New”, “Actions”, “Setting”…..

    I should make user to just view the LIST… nothing more other than that…..


    Please help me out…

    Thanks in advance…

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