Some of the interesting SharePoint 2010 videos collection and telerik control tutorials for sharepoint telerik developer.

  • DNRTV – Developing for SharePoint 2010
    • Talks about LINQ to SharePoint, and a basic intro of the dev tools.
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  • Telerik Silverlight Chart showing live data from SharePoint 2010.
    • This video demonstrates the usage of a custom WCF service and a custom silverlight frontend.
    • watch.
  • Telerik Silverlight Grid with BCS Lists in SharePoint 2010
    • This video demonstrates BCS + Client Object Model + A silverlight front end.
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  • Telerik R.A.D Calendar shown working with an OOTB Calendar list
  • Large file upload in SP using Silverlight.
  • Silverlight coverflow implemented on a picture library
  • SharePoint 2010 scalability, RBS, and related stuff.
  • SharePoint 2007 and Silverlight – talks about TDD etc.

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