Source code to get the server time from client side JavaScript code in or SharePoint application. Below sample code can be modified based on requirement.


<script type="text/javascript">

//Users time
var timeLocal = new Date();
//Servers time
var timeServer = new Date("<%= DateTime.Now %>");

//Calculate the difference (returns milliseconds)
millDiff = timeLocal - timeServer;

//initialize the clock on loading of page
//set the interval so clock ticks
var timeClock=setInterval("TimeTick()",10);

//The ticking clock function
function TimeTick(){
//grab updated time
timeLocal = new Date();
//add time difference
timeLocal.setMilliseconds(timeLocal.getMilliseconds() - millDiff);
//display the value
document.getElementById("spanTime").innerHTML =timeLocal;


<span id="spanTime"></span>

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