In programming trim is a string manipulation function. It will remove the leading and trailing spaces. JavaScript does not provide the trim functionality by default. Best 3 sample i have provided below, same you can use for trimming the string using javascript.

Sample 1: Using Jquery trim: If you are using jquery, you can use the trim as shown below.

//Below code used to remove the trailing and leading space while checking the string is empty if (jQuery.trim(document.getElementById('txtUserName.ClientID')).length==0) 

Sample 2: Another sample for javascript trim. It uses the regex function to trim the string.

//using regex trim String.prototype.trim = function() { return this.replace(/^s+|s+$/g, ''); }; 
function testTrim(){ var myString = " Iam Sandesh "; alert( myString.trim()); } 

Sample 3: Below function return the trimmed string.

function trim(str)
str = str.replace(/^s+/,'')
for (var i = str.length; i--;)
if (/S/.test(str.charAt(i)))
return str.substring(0, ++i)
return str
function testTrim(){
var myString = " Iam Sandesh ";
alert(trim( myString));

Hopes above approaches will helps for newbies. If you have any good idea just add comments.

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