Understanding the Sharepoint 2013 search components in details. Understanding the below components are helps to configure scalable search implementations.

Search component name Description Server

Crawl component

Crawls content sources to collect crawled properties and metadata from crawled items and sends this information to the content processing component.

 App Server

Content processing component

Transforms the crawled items and sends them to the index component. This component also maps crawled properties to managed properties.

 App Server

Analytics processing component

Carries out search analytics and usage analytics.

 App Server

Index component

Receives the processed items from the content processing component and writes them to the search index. This component also handles incoming queries, retrieves information from the search index and sends back the result set to the query processing component.

 App Server

Query processing component

Analyzes incoming queries. This helps optimize precision, recall and relevance. The queries are sent to the index component, which returns a set of search results for the query.

 WFE and mirrered on APP server as well for failover

Search administration component

Runs the system processes for search, and adds and initializes new instances of search components.


Search databases

Search database name Description

Crawl database

Stores tracking information and historical information about crawled items such as documents and URLs. It also stores information such as the last crawl time, the last crawl ID and the type of update (add, update, delete) during the last crawl.

Link database

Stores unprocessed information that is extracted by the content processing component and information about search clicks. The analytics processing component analyzes this information.

Analytics reporting database

Stores the results of usage analysis.

Search administration database

Stores search configuration data.

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