If you want to practice the Sharepoint 2010 Then it is better to install required software in virtual PC and run it using your Host operating system.

Recently i have configured SharePoint 2010 VHD using open source Oracle’s VirtualBox. This is also similar to Virtual pc provided by Windows OS.  Advantage of virtualbox is you can run it on any OS like Linux or MAC etc and it is free. As like Virtual PC, virtualbox support the USB, CD Drive and network connection as well.

I’m using this virtualbox from last one month, Performance also good compared to virtual pc. Loading the Saved State and saving the running state also fast compared to virtual PC. Overall performance of the virtualbox is really good. I’m using it on 4GB RAM desktop and Laptop. Both system its performance is awesome. Just check the YouTube video for its performance for opening the Site and Central Admin.

Note: If you want to use the SharePoint 2010 for development then it is best to use VirtualBox. If you need the configured virtualbox copy then just request for your copy here. I have installed all required software like Windows 2008, Sharepoint 2010 and Visual studio 2010 trial versions, If you want to practice the Sharepoint 2010 then use it as it is. If you want it for commercial development then just activate the trial copy the use it.

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