Do you know why sharepoint is popular? This article is must to ready if you need more information of sharepoint. The beauty of the sharepoint system is that works well for any business you throw it at. The reason for this is that sharepoint includes tons of benefits. So let’s look at some of these benefits.

No More Issues with maintaining it : The beauty of sharepoint is that its web-based. That means there is no application that you need to install on every single end-user’s computer, and then having to maintain it. You simply install one central platform on your secure servers. Another option which is even more hassle free is outsourcing sharepoint hosting. That means another specialized firm hosts it for you.

Ability to share information to even outsiders, and view it from the outside! : Because sharepoint is effectively web-based, you can add guest users with just the right permissions for any one given need. This way, you can share documents with clients or other firms you’re collaborating with. You yourself can go ahead and access the info from a hotel if you wanted to.

Scalability is just perfect : Indeed, it is true, sharepoint can perfectly fit any size business. This is because everything about it is custom. As your business does well, hires more, does more work, you just simply add servers, licenses or increase sharepoint features.

An intuitive and easy interface and work environment : It is designed to fit into your current work environment almost seamlessly. A lot of people don’t even notice there’s something changed unless you point it out. What sharepoint does is simply integrate to the entire ms office suite, and add features, menus and toolbars to all of your windows applications.

Do you want higher productivity? You got it! : The reason it so great at increasing productivity is its centralizing nature. I mean, just imagine .Before you would have had people having to access tons of different apps, and then manually share and converts documents between users and apps. Managers had to manually give out and track tasks. Now, with sharepoint, your entire business is in one central place. All the tasks, documents, content, resources and users are in just one easily accessible location.

Incredibly simplified collaboration and sharing : The reason sharepoint is called what it is, is because sharing is the key point of this system. Its meant to make sharing and collaboration easy and intuitive. Not only does this work so well because of the centralized repository of documents and content, but also because you can share documents within the framework through a few clicks. In fact, sharepoint integrates into all your regular applications. You can share your spreadsheet with another team’s manager by just clicking a button in ms excel. It’s that good!

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