If you working on SharePoint then you can find the Sharepoint log to debug the issues. Sharepoint log in huge so it is good if you found good log viewer to analyze the logs.

Microsoft provided the Sharepoint 2010 log viewer called ULS Viewer. But now microsoft not supporting this tools anymore. Use this tool your own risk.


The ULSViewer tool performs various actions against the data from ULS log files in order to better analyze it. ULSViewer allows the user to:

  • Highlight data of importance to the user on the fly
  • Bookmark log entries
  • Append logs to other logs in order to track trends
  • Hide unimportant data
  • Only view critical log entries by sorting data by severity
  • Write rules to prompt the user when certain events occur
  • View your data in a spreadsheet instead of the text file ULS generates
  • Monitor remote machines logs that are running ULS services
  • Open multiple logs at the same time in order to compare log files.
  • Open logs files from multiple machines at the same time.

ULS log Viewer

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