I’m really excited about ScottGu’s announcement on SQL CE 4 development and free standalone database engine.  It is really interesting Microsoft move on standalone database engine with SQL CE 4.  As per blog it is embedded database, support shared web hosting, mainly LINQ support.

Some of features mentioned

  • 4GB in size
  • Standalone database(no database installation required)
  • LINQ support
  • Supports foreign keys
  • It does not support stored procedures or triggers
  • Support medium trust
  • support shared web hosting
  • Fully supports multi-threaded environment like asp.net server environment.

From last 15 years I’m using ms access or SQL Lite as a database for my standalone and compact applications, I’m very much impressed with SQL LIte and its performance so far. We are looking for Microsoft solution on standalone application. Now Microsoft coming with compact database version, you can check the recent blog SQL CE.  Let me come back with review once after releasing the database.

Still then enjoy the  .net 4 recently release 🙂

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