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Tracing Queries in Entity Framework 4

As you aware of Entity Framework 4 feature translates LINQ queries to SQL to execute in the backend. However, what Entity Framework may render a SQL query that looks much different. Entity Framework’s SQL query building process may involve the use of sub queries, nested joins, or any other construct. Continue reading

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SQL CE standalone database

I’m really excited about ScottGu’s announcement on SQL CE 4 development and free standalone database engine. It is really interesting Microsoft move on standalone database engine with SQL CE 4. As per blog it is embedded database, support shared web hosting, mainly LINQ support. Continue reading

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Enabling IIS6 HTTP compression on SharePoint dynamic page

Using aspx dynamic page compression you can increase the page download time and user experience as well. As we know SharePoint serve the page dynamically, hence need to activate the dynamic page compression feature on IIS6 in order to get the good performance boost. Enabling the dynamic page on IIS your page will load around 7 times faster. HTTP Compression is a feature of IIS v6. By default, this feature is not turned on. For general information on HTTP compression, the following document is extremely helpful. Continue reading

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In this article I would like to explain how to send the compressed or zip document as an email attachments. You can find the c# source code sample how to send the email with zip format. If you are sending the html attachment or some JavaScript there might be change attachment get corrupted. If you are using the outlook web access (OWA) email client to read the email, there might be change of your html get corrupted because of OWA html filtering option. Continue reading

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